Saturday 26 October 2013

The Zoomer Show and Lighthouse!

Today Teena and I headed over to the Direct Energy Centre for our first trip to the ZoomerShow.  The shows bills itself as everything for people 45 and older but when I see the hours are 9am to 5pm, I figured it was geared for a much older crowd, the type that want to be home an settled in by 6pm and in bed by 8pm!

We were right about that. Most of the booths were retirement investment companies, health products for older people, insurance and three funeral homes! One funeral salesman tried to talk us into entering a contest with them ... no! He was a little hard to shake.

The sign above that was at the front entrance was cool. It was a projection onto a stream of mist.

Teena did find information about genealogy. She has corresponded with this lady in the past.

The Bank of Canada had a display on what to look for on the new polymer banknotes. The cards themselves are holographic and quite cool!


 I found this an odd booth.

The Downtown Abby fan club was there. Teena and I have season one but have not yet watched it.


We met Julie Daniluk at an Italpasta Gluten Free presentation back in September. She was doing a presentation today on the Lifestyle and Travel stage.

Cool cars. I had a yellow Chevelle like this way back when but with less cool tires!


We had no idea what this was all about.


Toronto Cat Rescue was there. We adopted Morgan and Byron from there many years ago.


The Red Hat Society was there, a social group for woman over 50.

Another club was there too!

Country singer Beverly Mahood gave performance, signed autographs and was there to promote breast cancer awareness. She has a great voice but I found her songs too mellow for me.


Most of the ZoomerShow was disappointing for me but not the show that a Toronto rock group from the sixties and seventies, Lighthouse, put on! They were only on the stage for about 30 minutes and although they can't hit the high notes anymore, they still can rock it! There were seats for about 300 and many others jammed all around. They have been around for 45 years and still they put on a great show!


It cost us $5 each to get in and as it was raining, we drove over and paid another $14 for parking, so really just $12 each. If Lighthouse wasn't there, I would have felt ripped off but with the show they put on, it made the trip over very worthwhile.

Time to go download some Lighthouse to my iPod!

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More info Marylu said...

Yeah, I think so too. With the help of the show, the trip is worthwhile; you cannot find boring over the trip.