Saturday, 19 August 2017

Toronto Wolfpack Down Newcastle Thunder in Super 8's Playoffs

This afternoon the Toronto Wolfpack played their first game of the Kingstone Press League 1 Super 8s at home today against the Newcastle Thunder.

There are 16 teams in the league and after they all play each other once, the top 8 play in what is called the Super 8s. The top team after that round is declared the champions and move up to the next level, the Championship league.

In the Super 8s, the Wolfpack played three games in a row in England then finish with four here in Toronto. They left England having won just one game, losing one and tied one. A win today was badly needed.

The Wolfpack She-Wolves came out to rev up the crowd before the game.

The National anthems are sung. At this time, most of the crowd was on our side of the stadium or in the craft beer garden.


A breakaway. He was brought down before he scored.

Here are me and Teena. We love going to the games!

The Wolfpack make the tackle before they can score.

There was a record 7,522 fans in attendance today. It's a loud, howling fun crowd.

Wolfpack captain Craig Hall makes the 2 point kick after Toronto scored a try (4 points).

The She-wolves at halftime. Toronto went into the dressing room with a 22-0 lead.

Wolfpack are stopped near the goal line.

Loose ball!

The game ends and the teams shake each other hands.

The She-wolves celebrate the win.

The final score.

The boys are hungry after a game. By the time they eat though, the pizza will be cold by the time they get to the dressing room to eat it as they all walk around the stadium shaking hands, signing autographs and getting selfies taken with the fans.

Daniel Flaming.

One of my favorites, Jack Bussey.

Everybody's favorite, Fuifui Moimoi

The craft beer garden also stays open for an hour or two after the game, so the party continues.

It's always a fun time and Teena and I are looking forward to the next game on September 2 against Whitehaven.

Thursday, 17 August 2017

Jays Down Rays

This afternoon the Toronto Blue Jays had a 4:07 start against the Tampa Bay Rays. I had a seat just three rows up, right close to left field. Too bad it was raining, though, as the roof had to remain closed. In other cities it would have meant a long rain delay so this is much better.

Usually the SportsNet game centre is curtained off when on the air but it looks like they don't do that for the pregame show. Here Jamie Campbell and Greg Zaun give their insights to the coming game.

I found the warm-ups interesting. The outfielders step into power bands and do side steps in order to loosen up their legs.

First pitch from Chris Rowley in only his second major league start. He won his first Monday night.

Big swing and miss from Steve Pearce.

Next inning, Pearce hauls in a fly ball.

Justin Smoak singles in a run.

Rays shortstop Hechavarria being stalked by a bird.

The view from my seat.

Josh Donaldson rounds the bases and receives congratulations on his second home run of the day to give the Jays a 3-1 lead.

Goins attempts to turn a double play. The runner was safe at first.

Rays Bourjos steals second base.

Did I win ... nope!

With the score tied 3-3 in the bottom of the 8th, Justin Smoak crushed a two run home run to give the Jays a 5-3 lead. Then Roberto Osuna came into the game to shut down the Rays for his 32nd save of the year and preserve the Jays victory.

Congrats are given and received.

The win puts the Jays in a three way tie in the wild card race, just three games back of the LA Angels who hold down the last playoff spot. Four more teams are also ahead of the Jays chasing that final spot and many say the Jays have to jump over too many teams to make it, so are unlikely to make it to the playoffs.


Here is the math. Forget how many teams are above the Jays right now. The Jays are three games out and have won 5 of their past 6 games.They need to keep winning and if they do, will rise above the others. That's the math.

The Jays have won 5 of their past 6 games.

Monday, 14 August 2017

Baseball in Stanley Park Toronto, 1914

Today on the Historic Toronto website there is a photo of a baseball game being played in Stanley Park on King Street W just east of Strachan Avenue. There was quite a crowd around the field so it must have been a big game.

The website says the photo was taken August 14, 1914, 103 years ago, but on the picture the date August 8, 1914, is written in hand. No matter which is right it is a cool shot.

Here is the park today. I tried to take the photo from about the same location.

There is a Stanley Park on the south and north side of King Street W but the game was definitely played on the north side with home plate being in the north east corner. Here is the house which is still standing today that is on the right side of the photo.

This row of houses also is still standing and is the building directly behind the batter.

The park is much more beautiful today and better used but it is always great to take a look into the past to get just a glimpse of what was going on on the same date many years before.

Sunday, 13 August 2017

Live Theater - "Divine" at SummerWorks

Every year Teena and I try to attend at least one performance at SummerWorks.

SummerWorks is Canada’s largest curated performance festival of theatre, dance, music, live art and interdisciplinary forms. This year’s 11-day Festival features 52 unique projects, as well our SLIP series of artist workshops, a collection of new performance experiments in the SummerWorks Lab, and nightly parties.

Today I was at the production of Divine which was performed at the Factory Theaterat Bathurst and Adelaide.

Ontario is out of water and a pair of bandits search for their last hope – a water diviner by the name of Penn. Stories say she can crack the world like a coconut and make water bubble to the surface with nothing but her hands. But the bandits aren’t the only ones hunting her down. And what if there’s nothing left for Penn to divine?

An all woman cast in Natalie Frijia’s post-apocalyptic wild west asks how we would survive in world without water. Would we turn to community… or to revenge?

Outside the theater is a quaint beer garden. I grabbed a water and two oatmeal and raisin cookies (they were delicious!) to take inside but the server said they don't allow food inside.  Instead I smuggled them in. Never say no to a bad boy like me!

The play was very good. I really enjoyed their use of props and effects on the stage. Water was represent by blue cloth and blood by red cloth. I thought the use of shadows figures behind a white sheet backdrop really added to the production.

Amanda Cordner as Penn, the diviner, was excellent and was Haley Garnett as Seven, the child and narrator of the story.

They play lasted 75 minutes and was a worthwhile way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Sadly this is the only production I will see at this years festival as today is the last day. I am looking forward to going to more next year though.

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Breakfast at the Sunset Grill - Wellington St. Toronto

This morning I had an early appointment and afterwards stopped in for breakfast at the Sunset Grill at the northeast end of the CBC building on Wellington. Although they had a nice outdoor patio, I choose to eat inside.

The restaurant looks very new, lots of wood, and I liked the openness of it.

I was torn between the Crab Cake Benedict and my regular breakfast of bacon and eggs. Bacon and eggs won out.

The easy over eggs were done perfectly and the bacon was the right crispiness, not under- nor overcooked. When you see the (5) beside bacon on the menu, that means you are getting five slices!

My son, Ken, worked for a restaurant in Aurora that specialized in breakfasts. The owner told him the secret to a great restaurant breakfast is in the home fries. There's not much that can be done special to eggs, bacon or toast, so the secret is in the home fries. Over the years, I have come to very much agree with that. No problem here as the home fires were very tasty.

Not only was the food great, but for downtown, it is also a decent price. The staff looked after me very well. I would not hesitate to eat there again.!