Monday, July 28, 2014

The Ferguson Room Pub, Fergus, Ontario

We ate ate the Brewhouse on the Grand tonight  and afterward, headed down the main strip to the Ferguson Room Pub in the Breadalbane Inn and Spa. It`s situated in an old unique building with a sculpture of a Scottish warrior carved out an old dead tree outside.


I love the entrance.


Except for this picture of the phone, none of my other shots turned out.

We had a great conversation with Mike H (I don`t know his last name, just that it starts with a silent "H"). He and a few friends are experimenting with some brews and plan to open up a brewery in a few months tentatively called Four Fathers Brewing. I spelled it right as there are four fathers who are doing this. mark really knows his stuff and I look forward to trying their first brew.

The Ferguson Room is a place I wish we had right down the street from where we live!

Supper at the Brewhouse in Fergus,Ontario

Tonight Teena and I had supper at the Brewhouse on the Grand in Fergus. It is situated in a historic building overlooking the Grand River with a great patio!

Too bad it was chilly with a wind, so nobody was outside. Yesterday it was too hot and muggy to sit on the patio. Funny how that works. So we ate inside.

This vintage building is has quite the varied history.

The building was originally built as the home of Thomas Watson, the proprietor of the Webster Tannery, circa 1851. Dr. Abraham Groves converted the building into a flour mill after the tannery went bankrupt. He later installed two generators and steam boilers, converting the mill into a electrical generating plant in 1890, which provided power to his hospital, the lights along Main Street and a number of businesses in town. As far as is known, Dr. Groves was the first man to transmit electricity between two towns in Ontario when he extended service to Elora in February 1900. Ontario hydro took over service to the town in 1910. 

The building has since served as Jack Twedle’s chick hatchery, the Fergus Police Department, the house of Brougham and eventually was divided into several smaller businesses and residential units. In 2000. the building was purchased by Carlos and Sidonia Madruga. Mike Mackay then leased and renovated to open the Groves Mill Brew House & Inn. The pub remained within his family until 2011, when the current owners, Katherine Brasch and Jim Silburn purchased the business from Claudia Hine. In 2011, the name change to “Brew House on the Grand” was in keeping with past name changes so that it will forever remain “The Brew House”, while celebrating the beautiful location on the river.

The inside is very rustic which I like with lots of exposed brick and an old fashioned fan assembly that I have only seen in one other place. I will say that for a place called the Brewhouse, there should have been more craft beer available. I had a local Wellington Brewery Special Pale Ale (SPA) while I was there.


The service was great. We were well looked after. It is about the food though. Teen a had the Curried Chicken Enchilada that has a sweet curried sauce. She wasn`t crazy about it and would not get it again. She found many of the flavours conflicting.

I started went completely of the board (above) starting with the spicy black bean soup.

I love black beans but there were very few in this. It was full of spice and heat which I love though. Spice does not like me anymore and as much as I thought it was delicious, will likely feel it tomorrow. (Note to self: when an item on the menu says it is spicy, you may want to believe it!). I am glad I had it. Rarely do I have delicious heat anymore!

Next up was the Rib Eye Fajita Wrap. It came with fries or a cup if soup. I ordered the bowl of soup and fries on the side here. I wish I had ordered the fajita with the soup only as the soup was hearty.

The fajita not only was great looking but delicious! I would order this, again and again!


The Brewhouse on the Grand is a very unique and historic place. The staff was friendly, like you always find in a small town and the food was great. It is another place I would I would recommend in Fergus, especially on a nice sunny day out on the patio!

Spa Day at the Mosaic Spa in Fergus, Ontario

Instead of buying presents for each other on our birthdays, we take each other to the spa. It's a tradition we have been doing since we first got married.

Saturday was Teena's birthday so I took her to the Mosaic Spa in Fergus. Although it's a little plain looking on the outside, the inside is very nice.

There's even a fireplace in the sitting are for those cold days.

Teena started with a massage by Kate and I came in an hour later to have my massage with Kate while Teena had a facial. My full body massage was great and Kate took spent some extra time on my injured shoulder, which feels much better now. Thanks Kate! Teena enjoyed her massage and her facial.

Then it was time to meet up for our hot stone pedicures.

Teena picked out her colour, then took a picture of it for her blog post.

Ashlee looked after Teena's toes while Tasha did mine. We had never heard of a hot stone pedicure so tried it today. Little hot rocks are placed between all your toes, then Tasha rubbed the hot rocks into the muscles of my feet and calves. It felt great. As she ran the stone along, her fingers also dug in for a very soothing effect. I enjoyed it. Teena did too. We both would have one again!

We had a great day at the Mosaic Spa and would highly recommend it.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Supper at the Goofie Newfie in Fergus, Ontario

Teena and I are in Fergus Ontario for a couple of nights and after checking into our hotel, we walked to the Goofie Newfie for supper.

We came here to have a day at the spa here but to be honest, when we saw that there was a pub here called the Goofie Newfie, with authentic Newfoundland dishes among the regular pub fare, we knew we had to come.

The entrance follows the river to the patio where you are greeted by, of course, Newfoundland's provincial flag.

The patio has a great view of the waterfalls but was full, plus we were hot so decided to eat inside.

The decor is very Newfie! In fact, it really felt as if we weren't in Ontario!


Dakota was our server and did a great job looking after us!

Of course, when you go out for supper the food has to be the star. We both ordered off the Newfoundland section of the menu. Teena had cod and chips. She loved it and it was a huge piece of cod.

I started with Deep Fried Bologna, Tasty chunks of Maple Leaf bologna, served with rhubarb relish. I enjoyed it and would have it again. I would love to get the recipe for the rhubarb relish!

When we were in Newfoundland a few years ago, I fell in love with Cod au Gratin, and have even made it myself so when I saw it on the menu I had to have it. Chunks of COD baked to bubbling perfection in a delicate cream & cheese sauce. Served w/ garlic bread. It was creamy, cheesy and delicious. Another dish I would order again.

I haven't had Scrunchions since Newfoundland and, of course, they had them here.  Scrunchions are cubed salt pork (fat back) fried until golden brown ... yummy!! I had forgotten how salty they were until I put they first few in my mouth at once. Super salty! After that, I remembered that it was supposed to be just one at a time. They are salty and, yes, they are yummy!

We had a great experience! The food was great, the staff friendly and efficient, and even the customers were friendly and outgoing. On the way out, we had a chance to talk to the owners after they took a picture of us on the patio. Very nice people. Turns out that the Goofie Newfie has been there for ten years. I can see why. I would go back again!

Friday, July 25, 2014

The 2014 Toronto Festival of Beer

Tonight Teena and I had media passes for the Toronto Festival of Beer.

This is the 20th anniversary of the festival which started at and outgrew Fort York. It is now held in Bandshell Park at Exhibition place, which is a perfect setting for the show.

Around 30,000 people were expected over the three day period. Tonight and tomorrow are sold out but there still are tickets left for Sunday. Although it looked crowded, it never felt it. We had no trouble moving around and rarely was there a long line-up for beer.


At the media tent, we had a choice of Spearhead Moroccan Brown Ale or the Spearhead Collaboration Tom Green beer. I went with the Moroccan which was quite nice!

The media tent had a place to sit and hang out, chips and a chance to watch Casey O'Neill  paint. He does scenes of Toronto and here he is doing the Rainbow Tunnel that can be seen when going up the Don Valley Parkway. My favorite was the streetcar going by Honest Ed's.


This is one of my favorite events of the year. The big beer boys are they full of free giveaways, international breweries come, plus the craft beer brewers. There is something for everyone!


The World of Beer Pavilion featured beers from the east coast. Teena had a couple Pumphouse Brewery Blueberry Ale from Moncton. She really liked it. I had a sip and enjoyed it too. I chose a Sir John A's Honey Wheat Ale from PEI Brewing that was quite refreshing.

Next up was a Samuel Adams Latitude 48 IPA from the Boston Beer Company. It was one of my favorites of the festival.

Rock Lobster which has a few locations around Toronto did a smart thing. They set up shop in the East Coast Pavilion. I had a lobster taco that was so delicious that I went and got another.


Keith's, which is one of Teena's favorite breweries, was there.

Time for some craft beer. I had a 504 Pale Ale from Liberty Village Brewing.

I had a Harbinger American Pale Ale from Descendants Beer & Beverage.

A Downhill Pale Ale from Collingwood Brewery.

 I love saisons and really enjoyed the Sunlight Park Saison from Left Field Brewery.

I love hops but my favorite beer of the night was a Black Forest Ale from Great Lakes Brewery.  It was slightly chocolaty, a smooth not bitter chocolate taste with just a hint of cherry. No bitterness at all!  I went back for more!

There was an assortment of unique hats. Interesting that a girl stopped me and asked to have her picture taken with me as she loved my hat that Teena gave me when we were married. I never thought but should have had her friend take a picture of us with my camera.

This fella, George Kash, came around tapping people on the shoulder saying he was going to stand on his head and drink two beers. Damn if he didn't do it!


There was music all night at the bandshell. Our favorites were the Planet Smashers from Montreal. I want to go and see them do a full show. They had people dancing and singing along.  You Guys are Assholes, Let's Party! was definitely a fav of mine!


There were lots of portapotties and, being a beer festival, lots of lineups!

Jack Links Beef Jerky seems to be at all the beer festivals. I love their jerky and bought four bags!

It was a full fun night and as I said earlier, there's something for everybody. I'm already looking forward to next year!