Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Toronto Blue Jays ... Not With a Bang But a Whimper

Tonight was do or die for the Toronto Blue Jays. In a best of seven series they came into tonight's game down three games to one. A loss and they were out. It was a sell out crowd that showed up.

Douglas Tranquada sang both National Anthems.

The exchange of the score cards.

We get them out at first.

Josh Donaldson was one for four at the plate.

I bought my ticket on Stubhub for what I thought was a fair price. My view.

Jose Batista was two for four with a double.

The seventh inning stretch.

Nope. Didn't win this.

An drunk asshole who'll receive a big fine and hopefully, a night in jail for disrupting the game.

I moved down for the last inning. Turns out it was the last inning of the season.

The series clinching out.

The Jays lost 3-0. In 5 games they were shut out twice, scored only one run in one game and two runs in another loss.

Coming into the season, everybody thought that the bats were OK with the pitching questionable. At the beginning of this season Josh Donaldson, in my mind the Jays star of this series, said that as long as the Jays pitchers could keep them in the game, their bats would give them a win.

Not in this series.

The Jays pitchers gave up only gave up 12 runs in 5 games. The bats died as they only scored 8 runs in the series.

Oh well. Many great moments to the season and many more in the playoffs. Hopefully after the dust settles with free agency movements, we end up with a team that gets this far and hopefully farther in 2017.

Thanks Blue Jays for another great season!

My memories from tonight.

Saturday, 15 October 2016

Visiting My Family

My son, Ken, and his girlfriend, Jasmine, are moving west to B.C. in might be a temporary or permanent relocation. They will be living and working at a ski resort in the mountains. Sounds beautiful. I really hope it works out for them out there.

Ken wanted to stop in to see his Nana (my mom) and my sister and her family before he left, so we did a day trip today to see everyone. They all live a half hour north of Belleville.

Here I am with my mom and Ken.

Mom and Ken.

Mom and I.

Mom and Teena.

From right to left is Judy and Doug's daughter-in law, Kerri, their son and Kerri's husband, Kyle, Doug, Judy, me and Ken. In front, Judy and Doug's dog, Jake, who forced his way into the picture then posed.

It was a fun but short visit as Ken had to work at 10. Next time will be a longer overnight one.

The Fall Colours of Eldorado, Ontario

Today Teena, my son, Ken, and I drove to Eldorado, Ontario, to visit my mom. She is 89 and still lives alone in the country on a beautiful 150 acre parcel of land that has a river winding through it. Below you can see the winding rows of trees that trace the rivers edge. The field in front has soybeans that are about to be harvested.

Here are some colours from the other side of the river.

Teena didn't know I captured this shot as she walked over the crest of a hill.

That is another soybean field before the river and the colours of the trees beyond.

Teena getting ready to take a picture.

I liked this one colourful tree among those yet to turn.

And here we are!

More colour.

Daisies still are growing at this time of year.

Ever wonder what a soybean looks like before harvested? They are left to dry in the field which makes it easier for the machines to pick and separate the beans from the pods.

A badly focused shot of an open pod. I tried some. They are much better roasted and salted.

An old drive shed behind mom's house.

The back door to the barn's stable. I can see why photographers like old structures. There is so much texture in them.

It was a beautiful day for a walk through the fields. Teena and I wanted to go for a walk to take pictures and give Ken and his Nana time to talk. It was a great day.

Monday, 10 October 2016

Calgary Down Argos 48-20

This evening, Teena and I were at the Calgary Stampeder-Toronto Argo game at BMO Field. It's our first time there to see an Argo game. We have been before to see the Rugby 7s finals for the Pan Am games, a Toronto FC game (soccer) and a Team Canada 2014 World Cup qualifying game against Panama.

Three former Argos, Michael 'Pinball' Clemons, Derrell 'Mookie' Mitchell, and Rodney Harding were honoured for their many contributions to the organization before the game today.

Harding and Mitchell will be honoured in front of Argos fans for recently being inducted into the Canadian Football Hall of Fame. Clemons will be honoured ahead of his induction into Canada's Sports Hall of Fame on November 1, 2016.

The opening kickoff.

The Argos were never in this game. They were down 19-0 at the end of the first quarter and 35-6 at the half. Here are some pictures of the game. Being a Ti-Cat fan, I was OK with this.

The Toronto Sun Argo Cheerleaders were quite good.

Teena and I.

My buddy from work, Craig, was at the game seated above us.

At half time Teena and I moved to the end zone seats above the Argo "notes".

No, we didn't win this.

The new stadium is nice but needs to reflect more of the Toronto Argo history. Grey Cup banners and Eastern Division Championship banners should be the first thing added. I do feel the Argos have a good home and in time the fans will find it home for them too.