Friday 27 May 2011

Wvrst, Toronto

On Friday nights on my way home from work I enjoy stopping off somewhere to read, have a couple of pints and unwind from my work week.

Tonight on my way home I was happy to see that a new place had opened up called Wvrst. Yes, it is spelled correctly.

It is not a pub, bar or restaurant but designed as a beer hall. It is very open and airy. Last night was the first night they were opened and were still working out some of the kinks. They open for lunch until 2:30pm, then close and open the doors for drinks at 4:30pm and food at 5pm. I lucked out as I was passing right around 4:30pm and found them open.

I was the first one in and had the place to myself for awhile. As usual, I sat down at the bar. Leslie, the bartender, was great, very friendly and looked after me well. She introduced me to Joe, the manager ... I hope I got his name right ... who also was quite friendly. I found the place very welcoming.

The beer selection is excellent, both for draft and bottles and the prices were reasonable too! 16 beers are on tap. I had a Grand River Galt Knife Lager to start and finished with a Flying Monkeys Netherworld Black IPA.

Leslie described the food as German fusion. As the name implies, there are lots of sausage on the menu. I am looking forward to trying their traditional Boerewors (beef/coriander) the Bratwurst and Kransjska (pork/Marjoram) Only $6 too.

There are some game sausage too. The wild boar and mushroom sausage sounds interesting as the the duck foie gras/maple. They even have a couple of vegetarian choices which I will pass on.

Wvrst is on King Street W and on my way home. Needless to say, this place will become a regular stop for me.

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Anonymous said...

Did you find the music too loud? We went by and found it almost impossible to speak to each other. The need to reduce the volume or people who might want to have a conversation won't go.

Swordsman said...

I was there way to early for the music. Hopefully they keep the music down to a decent level as the set-up encourages people to sit and talk

BeerGut said...

I agree! Too LOUD. Family restaurant it is not.

Anonymous said...

"Family restaurant it is not."

Erm, it is a Beer Hall, so no surprise there.

A great one at that.

Len McKee said...

My experience at beerhalls in Munich is that they were family friends, kids sitting eating dinner and playing with a colouring book while the parents downed a masse of beer. Wvrst is a beerhall but definitely not aimed at families in my opinion. A very refreshing change from claustrophobic Belgian style beer joints where you are greeted by beautiful people who make you feel like you are not dressed up enough to be entering the establishment to enjoy a few pints of beer. As for the Veggie options, when I went to Germany last year I was not a vegetarian I now am and can say I thoroughly enjoyed the veggie currywurst I had.

Anonymous said...

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