Friday 29 July 2016

The 12 Beers of Summer - 2016 Edition

Last year Teena and I went to the 12 Beers of Summer at the Gladstone Hotel. The event returned this year and Teena and I were there again tonight. The above shot is a ESB from Henderson Brewing.

It started at 6:30 and ran till 9:30 ... all you can drink craft beer. Of course, there was a lineup.

My first beer of the night was from Steam Whistle who makes a fabulous lager.

I had a very interesting Ambre de la Chaudiere from Mill Street Brewery. It had smoked malt and vanilla. I enjoyed it but would like only one or two in an evening.

Brimstone Brewing had a little trouble with their Sinister Minister IPA so I had their Midnight Mass Stout which was excellent. I returned for a Sinister Minister which was my favorite of the night.

Innis & Gunn from Scotland were there with their oak aged beer. It was delicious and perhaps Teena's favorite of the night.

The Gladstone was full but not overcrowded and no big beer lines.

I enjoyed Nathan Da Silva who played in the ballroom.

The ballroom was packed.

The Helles from Amsterdam Brewery was excellent.

Another favorite of the night was the Beat the Heat from Black Oak Brewing.

Frank Ryan played the Melody lounge. Again the music was excellent. They played a half an hour longer after the close.

A Hopsta Lavista from Longslice. Just love that beer!

Goose Island was there. I had their IPA, which has been a favorite of mine.

Everybody enjoyed the night.

Teena and I attended our first 12 beers event last summer with the 12 Beers of Summer. In December, we went to the 12 Beers of Christmas. This is our third 12 Beers event. We enjoyed them all and if they have another 12 Beers of Christmas/Summer, we will be there.

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