Sunday 31 May 2009

Beer of the Week- May 31 - Thwaites Lancaster Bomber

500 mL bottle
Price: $ 3.35
4.4% Alcohol/Vol.
Sugar Content : 3

Made in: England, United Kingdom
By: Daniel Thwaites P.L.C.

LCBO Tasting Note: Characterful amber beer brewed using the finest ingredients. Finely balanced with a full malt flavour. Prominent hop aroma with a hint of toffee and biscuit. Warming full-flavoured moreish taste.

I guess it may be the fact that I am going over to the British Isles in 6 weeks or just the fact that I like English beer that I chose this beer over the others I had pondered over. It also maybe that I had already done a Beer of the Week for another English beer named after a World War 2 warplane, the excellent Spitfire Premium Kentish Ale and wanted to try another. For whatever reason, I came home with Thwaites Lancaster Bomber.

The beer itself was born in 2002, a product of a brewery which has been around for quite some time. In 1807, Daniel Thwaites bought into a brewery partnership in Blackburn, Lancashire, in northern England. In 1824, the Brewery became the sole property of Daniel's at which time he changed the name to Daniel Thwaites P.L.C. They have been growing and buying out other brewery operations ever since but still keep their main brewery in Blackburn and are know as Northern England first brewery.

And the beer?

Like all English beers I have tried, this one pours with a nice head, evidenced by the lace tracings down the inside of the glass. It is a dark amber colour with a good aroma. The beer has a nice malty taste with a slight hoppy finish. Both the LCBO and Thwaites websites call this a Moreish taste. I'm not sure what this means as it is the first time I have heard the term but I found the taste good but not spectacular.

Can't say I didn't enjoy it as I cracked the second one right after finishing the first but it is not one I would go out to get again.

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