Monday 30 July 2012

The Cemetery on the Hill in Saint Pierre

The Saint-Pierre Cemetery is located on a hill just inland from town. There are over 5500 people buried here, which is almost as much as the population of the town. Most are above ground tombs, many for families. For the most part, it is set out in a very orderly fashion.
Orderly except for this one lonely grave, oddly dug out of place, on the side of a drop off. It is the final resting spot of Joseph Lefevre who passed away at three way back in 1895,
We spent a couple of hours taking pictures. Teena's post has some great shots, which you can see here
Quite a few of the family tombs had portholes. I have no idea what they are for, I only know this makes me not want through this place at night!
 Here is where the priests from the only church on the island rest.
Some final shots. Interesting that this cemetery is listed as a tourist attraction in the guide, despite there being no famous people laid to rest here. It is a fascinating place to visit.

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