Saturday 16 January 2016

Monster Jam Toronto 2016

Tonight Teena and I were at Monster Jam at the Rogers Centre. It was Teena's first, and my second.  When I went with Ken many years ago, it was more of an exhibition than a competition. It was never announced but there looked to be 25,000 or more in attendance.

The setup for the races. There were two starting gates and a truck would come out of each, go around the cars to the left of the picture, jump through the middle, race to the far right of the stadium, turn race past us, turn around those cars to the left and jump to the finish. It was quite exciting!

About half a meter of hard packed dirt filled the stadium. That must have taken a lot of work.

The line up for tonight's races.

The trucks are monsters!

Zombie is in the starting gate.

In flight!

Grave Digger is a fan favorite.


More action.


This one did a spectacular role trying to take the last corner.


Dragon is a fire breather.

Scooby-Doo has the only female driver in the field, Nicole Johnson, who celebrated her birthday today by taking second in the freestyle event.

Between events, there were ATV races.

The trucks eliminated in the first round participated in a donut contest. The starting gate blocked some of our view but it was noisy and fun. Here Canadian Cam McQueen (cool name) does his thing in Northern Nightmare.

The final race which was won by Grave Digger.

The free style event. Trucks had 90 seconds to jump, crush cars and do donuts.

In this event, trucks just launch themselves off the ramps, sometimes too high like Grave Digger.

Northern nightmare did an excellent wheely walk across the top of the jump but broke when it came down hard. That front tire doesn't look quite right.


Ryan Thompson in Son of a Digger took the event. All the winners climbed into the stands and gave away their awards.

Fireworks signaled the end of the night. Some crews have a lot of work ahead of them to be ready for tomorrow's 2pm show.

It was a fun night. I would go again!

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