Thursday 11 July 2013

Cruising Toronto Harbour

Tonight we were on a boat cruise with Teena's friends Franca, her husband Rafael, and soon-to-be married Liz and Jamie aboard the Aurora Borealis.

We love boat cruises and it was a great night for it, in the 20s with a breeze. It seemed the sun was always on us, until I looked at a few pictures. The weather actually looked threatening.

But the sun did shine.

The harbour is quiet a busy place between cruise boats, yachts and kayaks.

There was wildlife too. I like the shot of the duck making its own wake, while our boat made ours.

I always enjoy taking pictures of the Gibraltar Point Lighthouse, built in 1809.

A nice reflection shot.

Teena and I.

A couple of final shots of my favorite city ... Toronto! Thanks, Franca, for putting all this together!

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