Tuesday 28 August 2018

Making a Braided Leather Cord Wrist Band

Sunday I made a 3 braid leather strap wrist band. I knew it wouldn't be my last project and perhaps I may have found a new hobby. Today I headed back to Michael's to by some more material and another tool.

My newest project is a fairly easy one. I made a corded wrist band for my Medic Alert ID. I figured that if it didn't work out that I would at least have a cool wrist band to wear.

Here is what I needed. On top is my newest tool, split ring pliers, to cut through those small connector rings called jump rings and help separate split rings, flat needle nose pliers, magnet clasps, (In the picture below they are closed on top row left and separated to the right), crimp closure with an eye, split rings and jump rings and the leather cord.

I tightly crimped the closure onto one end of the cord. I put a jump ring on the eye with one end of the magnet clasp.

Then I measured the length the rings and magnet took and doubled it, as I would need to do that on the other end. I subtracted that from the length of cord I needed to wrap entirely around my wrist. I cut that length of cord and set up that end.

At this point, if you weren't adding anything to it, you are done. The magnets are extremely strong, so there's no worry about them coming apart on their own.

If you are adding something like I did, there are another couple of steps. First of all, don't do anything yet to the open end.

This part I found tricky. The double wound split ring needs to be wound through the hole in whatever you are attaching. For me, it was my Medic Alert ID. There was some swearing as I performed this task.

After putting one on each side, I threaded the cord through it and attached the magnet assembly to the other end, same as the first.

There! Done! Yes, I know I took a picture of it upside down.

The magnets have a very strong connection. They are a bit of a pain to work with as they attach themselves to loose rings, connectors, or the tools you are trying to work with.

I think it looks good. Now ... what to make next?

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