Sunday 26 August 2018

Making a 3 Braid Leather Strap Wrist Band

Since my operation, I now have to wear a Medic Alert Bracelet but decided I really didn't like the chain it came with. When I suggested to Teena that I was going to order one with a leather strap, she suggested I make my own. Great idea!

We went to Michael's where she showed my different ways I could create one of my choosing ... or maybe a small collection.

I decided to start with a braided wrist band with three braids.  I must admit that since we first met I have promised to learn how to braid her hair. After more than 16 years, this is my first attempt at braiding.

This is what I purchased for my first project: flat leather cording, lobster clasps, jump rings and ribbon clamps.

As I plan to make a few, I bought a small tool kit.

The first thing to do is measure the length that you need to comfortably fit your wrist, including the rings and clasps. For me, this also included the alert medallion. Make sure you cut the leather a little longer as you will lose length from the braiding.

Place the three straps evenly side by side and attach a ribbon clamp.

Tape this end or put a heavy weight on it to be ready to braid. Here is the braiding diagram.

Take the strap on the left and place it over the two straps to the right.

Then take the right side and place it over the two straps on the left.

Tuck the strap you just moved under the left strap.

Take the left strap and put it over the middle strap and under the right side.

I found as I went this was the procedure to remember. left strap, over middle, under right. The strap that is now on the outside right, move over the middle and under the left. Then repeat, over the middle, under outside. Back and forth.

Finally, you end up with this.

Attach the jump rings and lobster clasps where you would like them. I attached them to the medallion so I can switch it between straps. Clamp the straps together.

Now it's ready to wear.

Okay. It's not a thing of beauty but looks pretty good for a first attempt.

I ended up making two as I thought the first one was too small. When I made the second (top picture ... notice it's made much better!), I made sure I used longer straps and cut them to size after the braiding.

It turns out after I attached the rings and clasps, the first one fit best. Ha!

Looks like I have a new hobby. I'm looking forward to making my next one.

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