Sunday 11 June 2017

Lunch at the Sunnyside Pavilion Cafe

During our walk today, Teena and I stopped for lunch at the Sunnyside Pavilion Cafe. The pavilion was built around 1923 and every time we stop to eat there, I feel like we are away on vacation. Today was no different.

The patio is quite spacious and it's always fun to watch the people passing by.

Teena ordered the burger and I had the quesadilla. We both had Diet Pepsi but beer and drinks are available.

My quesadilla had a nice crunch on tortilla and was quite tasty. It hit the spot and I would have it again.

Teena enjoyed her burger and fries and said the fries were not greasy at all. She would have them again.

I'm looking forward to us heading back again, only this time it will be different meal of the day!

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