Sunday 11 June 2017

An Afternoon Walk at Sunnyside

This afternoon Teena and I went for a stroll along Sunnyside Beach and had lunch at the historic pavilion. I have been watching the news on TV about the rise in water levels on the Great Lakes and around Toronto but this was the first chance I had to see it for myself.

There is a breakwall to protect the shore from erosion and calm the waters for the people to use. Normally they rise about two to three meters out of the water. They are now under water and one can only see where they are by waves that still are semi broken by them or the odd piece that still remains above the waterline.

This duck said to hell with the choppy water and decided to spend its time in the pool.

As usual, there were many people at the beach but this weekend was also Paddlefest which meant many booths on shore and paddle craft in the water.

Many just came to enjoy the great afternoon.

Usually people catch rays on the rocks below this wall.

This is usually a beach.

People enjoying the water.

Birds enjoying the water.

Here we are just enjoying a great afternoon together.

I love going to Sunnyside. It's so beautiful down there. We didn't make it as far as we usually do along the boardwalk but will next time as Sunnyside is always worth more than one trip in the summer.

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