Sunday 1 January 2017

Snowshoeing at Hardwood Hills

Our friend, Trish, goes skiing with a group called Trakkers Cross Country Ski Club. Trakkers is a volunteer, non-profit, recreational ski club dedicated to the support and enjoyment of cross-country skiing and has been providing Sunday ski trips in luxury highway coaches to Southern Ontario ski resorts for over 30 years.

Trakkers welcomes members of all ages and all skill levels, from novice to the expert. Trakkers is the club for you if you want to learn to ski or improve your skills.

They also go to places that have snowshoeing trails and today made a trip to Hardwood Hills, which has four dedicated snowshoe trails, so Trish invited Teena and I along.

Here is a group of cross country skiers outside the chalet getting ready to go.

Cross country trail maps. Snowshoe trails are intertwined with them.

The start for all trails.

Teena on the trail.

I love snowshoeing. The views are always so beautiful. We had a great blue sky for most of the day.

Cross country ski trail signs at a major junction.

OK, this part was a challenge. Loose snow, step climb.

I made it but not before taking a great tumble. I held onto the tree beside me and helped Teena up over the large mound.

We thought we would do a short trail, grab a bite then head out for a long one. Instead we ended up doing a 6 km trail that passes by a lookout. The view was stunning. My camera does not do it justice.

Here we are at the lookout after an hour and a half of trudging through the snow. We haven't been out for a couple of years and forgot how exhausting it could be ... still, we look good but then again, this was taken after a bit of a rest!

A couple of trail shots.

There is no snow in Toronto but plenty north of Barrie.

 Here I am.

Teena taking the lead.

Here are Trish, Teena and I at the end of the day.

It was a great day and very reasonably priced. It's our first trip with Trakkers.  Thanks again, Trish, for inviting us. Looks like Trakkers will be getting a couple of new members.


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