Sunday 2 October 2016

Beer of the Week - Schieve Tabarnak Belgium Ale

This week I am featuring a beer that came with my last Canada Craft Club delivery, Schieve Tabarnak, a collaboration beer from Trou du Diable in Quebec and Brasserie de la Senne from Brussels, Belgium.

The brew is called Schieve Tabarnak and it's made using Belgium ale with rye and Nelson Sauvin hops. The name of the beer comes from two words from different dialects. Shieve comes from Belgium and means crooked, while Tabarnak is a swearword from Quebec. I have to learn to use this at work!

So, how's this collaboration beer?

It pours a yellow straw colour with some cloudiness as it must be unfiltered. On top sits a frothy white meringue-like head. The aroma contains a little spice, likely from the Belgium yeast plus a little orange

Don't let the light colour fool you. The rye and Nelson Sauvin hops assault the mouth right away with a very nice but unusual bitterness which carries through to the finish.

While even though it is 5% apv, this is not a sessionable ale, It's a wonderfully crafted beer but one I would enjoy here and there on occasion. I would definitely would have this again and hope on my next trip to Quebec I can find it on tap somewhere.

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