Friday 18 September 2015

Toronto Oktoberfest 2015

Last year Teena and I went to our first Toronto Oktoberfest held in a large tent outside of Ontario Place. It was so much fun that when Teena saw this year's festival announced, she bought tickets right away.

The first 500 people got a large beer stein. Yes, we got ours!

The tent is huge and seats 1,550. We were among the first to arrive.

My first beer was a Schmucker's Meister-Pils. It was tasty.

This German Om-pa band played all night long.

I had a schnitzel with sauerkraut, cheese and mustard. It was good. Teena enjoyed her bratwurst. 

The band's drummer, George, has an interesting talent. He drinks beer while standing on his head!


Teena and I and our huge beer steins.

There was always something going on inside and outside. When I wandered out a tuba band was playing.

Tonight was the opening night for the festival which means it's the Tapping the Keg ceremony.


My next beer was an Erdinger Dunkel.

There was German dancing.

And the elders also got up to show how it's done.

My next beer was from Ontario, a Thornbury Lager from Thornbury Village Cidery

Miss Toronto Oktoberfest.

Another beer, this time from Hofbrauhaus.

Next up, a Konig Ludwig Weissbier

An award was given for the best old style German outfit.

I finished with a Paulaner.

As the night went on, some started dancing on the tables but security would show up quickly to get them down safely.

It was a fun night. You bet when the next Oktoberfest comes up in 2016, we'll be there!

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