Thursday 4 December 2014

Duggan's Brewery Parkdale

Tonight was the grand opening of Duggan's Brewery in Parkdale and Teena and I were there. It has been opened as a pop-up location on weekends while getting it up to speed but after tonight is open from 5pm till close. The space was once a bank, then a fancy restaurant before becoming a bag and suitcase shop. Now it's a brewpub that I have been looking forward to opening. So far, there is no signage but I'm sure that will change.

Kayla is a bartender there. I fence with her at Bladeworks Fencing Club, where she has been kicking my butt since she was around fifteen. Now it seems she knows as much about beer as me and possibly more!

I have always enjoyed Duggan's beer since he had his brewpub on Victoria Street. His Number 9 IPA is my favorite. I had a couple to end the night. I started with a 100 mile lager.


The place is very spacious and I love the brew tanks behind the bar.


We had a piece of Chicken Crackle which is kind of like a hot pork rind. I loved it!

Teena had lemon pepper wings which she really enjoyed.

I never had one. Teena tried to offer me one but I was busy talking with Micheal, who was a researcher for one of my favorite TV shows, Mayday. I am looking forward to having some next time I come.

Duggan's is a place with a a beer hall feel, in a great location for us and has fabulous beer. No reason why I won't be back!

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