Saturday 5 July 2014

Brunch at Cagney's in Streetsville

This morning Teena and I stopped in at Cagney's  for brunch.

It was a nice spot. The place is divided into two areas. On the right as you came through the door was a bar with lots of TV's. This was good as the Argentina/Belgium World Cup soccer game was going to start in an hour.

On the other side where we sat was the main dining area.


I loved the glassed-in wine room that helped to separate the two areas.

While we were deciding what to have, we thought we would have Mimosas, which on first sip could tell immediately they were made with real orange juice.

Roshan, our server, brought us over banana bread to start. They were moist and good.

The brunch menu looked great. Three meals jumped out at me and I ended up choosing the Classic Eggs Benedict, Homemade pea meal bacon and english muffin, hollandaise sauce. It also came with home fries and was delicious!


I don't have Eggs Benedict often and really enjoyed them. Some places I find just don't get the yolk right but this was done perfectly. Roshan explained that the peameal was cured in-house and the English Muffin was made from scratch. It showed. The pictures do not show how large of a serving this was, and surprisingly for me, I could not get through it all.

Teena had one of the choices I was debating about Johnny's Breakfast, named after Cagney's chef, 2 eggs, 3oz slab of bacon, sausage meatballs, spiced homefries, pain au lait toast. It too was a hearty plate and Teena said she really enjoyed it. Thankfully she shared her fruit dish with me, which contained strawberries, blueberries, melon and watermelon.

Teena took a picture of Roshan and I.

It was a great meal and we were looked after very well. It's a place I would definitely go back again.

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