Saturday 31 May 2014

A BBQ at Rick and Maggie's

This afternoon Teena and I headed down to Stoney Creek to Rick and Maggie's for a BBQ. Our friends Malcolm, Mary and Tom were also there.

Rick and Maggie have a beautiful home which sits on a small harbour.


Neptune guards the harbour entrance.

It was fun sitting out on such a gorgeous day yakking! In the first picture from left to right are Teena, Tom, Rick, Malcolm and Mary.


Maggie did a great job BBQing!

When the sun went down, we went inside, talked some more and even played charades. Haven't played that in a lifetime. It was surprisingly hilarious and Teena was a superstar in getting the answers quickly.

Before we left, I tried to capture a shot of the crescent moon. Although I didn't get that shot, I did get a nice one of the harbour. The moon was between the left side of the house and the mast.

It was a fabulous night. Thanks to Rick and Maggie for everything. It was a great time!

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