Friday 30 May 2014

CraveTO "Ignite Your Senses" at Wynchwood Barns

After work tonight, Teena and I headed up to Wynchwood Barns on Christie, south of St Clair W for CraveTO Ignite Your Senses food and craft beer event.

Ignite your senses and launch patio season with Toronto’s premier street food and craft beer creators all to the soundtrack of Toronto DJs.

The event went from 5pm to 11pm and we were there when it opened and there weren't many people. The perfect time for pictures and getting a good spot to sit. Also a good time to grab some tasty beers and food.


My favorite beer of the night was the Golden Monk from Amsterdam Brewery.


Mill Street Brewery had fresh cold ones sitting on ice. Unbelievably I heard one guy say to his friends that it is "that they only have bottles. Lets go someplace that has draft. " The ice cold bottles were great. I had a Tankhouse and Teena enjoyed the Lemon Tea Beer.


The first thing I had to eat was mini burritos from Asada Mexican Grill. They ended up to be my favorite food of the night!

I was surprised to learn that Seagram was bought out by Brick Brewery and not the other way around. They had a great cider that we both enjoyed and they also gave away sunglasses with every can. Many people were drinking these as they were tasty and the best "bang for the buck" of the night!


I had a Jamaican Patty from Albert's.


The place started to fill up. It was nice as it was busy but not overcrowded.


We were talking to a nice woman who originally was from Russia and loved the perogis here. I have never had them before and that she said they were great so it was a good time for me to try them. They were OK.   If an expert says they are great and I am not that crazy about them that means I'm just not into perogies!


There was a corn truck there. Teena had corn on the cob and I  had a Mexican bowl of corn. It was good but in the end I would rather have had the corn on the cob, which Teena and  a few people we met said was great!


It was a fun night. We met many fun people, had great food and beer, and enjoyed a beautiful summer night. What more could you ask for? Apparently they do this twice a year and we will definitely be at the next one!

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