Wednesday 1 January 2014

Supper at Pizzateria, Mont-Tremblant

Last year Teena and I had a terrific lunch at Pizzateria. We couldn't eat it all and took half of it home. Today, after a day of snowshoeing, we went back for more. I wasn't disappointed. It was every bit as great as last year!.

It was a freezing walk down to the restaurant so we started with a great spiced hot wine.

It was very nice and warming. Just a note here ... temperatures dropped below -30C. We were sitting on a closed-in patio with heaters and the heaters could not keep up and kept on blowing out the breakers. Some people made a big fuss about that, especially the kids who likely have been out in the cold all day. We didn't have a problem with it.

Here's my all dressed pizza. It was just as fabulous as I remembered it ... so much so there wasn't any to take back to the room!

I had a couple of Boreale IPAs to go with it after the wine. They were so tasty and hoppy. This is the only place that serves this. I have written about it before.

Anytime we're in Mont-Tremblant, we will always find out way here!

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