Sunday 24 March 2013

Frankie's, Queen Street West

Last week Teena and I watched an episode of Restaurant Takeover about Frankie's on Queen Street West and recognized that it was a place in our neighborhood.

Frankie’s, a rundown greasy spoon, has seen better days. With profits disappearing, the restaurant's namesake is ready to let his deteriorating restaurant go. Can Restaurant Takeover's Chef Derek Minkensky and Designer Montana Burnett make him believe again?

 We are fans of the show and especially Igor, the head of destruction and construction, so to go see his finished product was great, plus the food looked great. The show was shot in the fall so it also would be interesting to see if the new recipeswere still being followed.

We walked in and the place was packed! Thankfully there was a two person booth open which we grabbed. Jordan was our server and looked after us very well for our whole time there, informed us that because the place was so full, there may be a 20 minute delay in bringing food to the table.

That was so appreciated. Most places let you order and just wait!

Teena and I both had the Frankies Original Burger and we split an order of onion rings. OK, I had most and Teena had one. The rings were crisp and tasty. The owner's son, his name might be Billy,  came over with a small bowl of sauce to try with the rings. I love onion rings and don't usually dip but tried it and it was very good. It starts off sweet and finishes with a nice bit of heat. In fact, I dipped a few more!

The burger was fantastic! It tasted great, was juicy and came on a nice fresh bun. I really enjoyed it.

During our time there, people ate and left and more came in to take their place. I can see why!

Teena and I will be back for sure. I saw others ordering the all day breakfast and was very impressed. Breakfast is only $5.50 and there was a lot of great looking food on the plate. This likely will be our new breakfast spot. I would also head back for the burger anytime.

I would recommend Frankie's to anyone.

Oh and Igor ... great job on the restaurant. I love the marble bar, the booths, and yes the pole. The food, service and design, it all works!

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