Sunday 17 March 2013

Book Review - The Power of More, Marnie McBean

I enjoy reading books about motivation and love watching rowing and sculling, always wished I had tried it when I was younger.  So when I saw a book by Marnie McBean, Canada's first three time Olympic Gold Medalists, The Power of More, I had to give it a read.

I remember watching her and her rowing partner Kathleen Heddle on TV winning  a couple of their Olympic Gold medals. 

The Power of More shows readers how to accomplish their goals, big or small, by just doing a little bit more. Whether you are a novice runner who wants to complete a 10k race or an elite athlete after a gold medal, you can achieve your ambition by believing in the importance of doing a little bit more. 

A three-time Olympic champion, McBean explains the effect of breaking down big goals into manageable bits that you can do, as well as the idea that you almost always have a little bit more to give. She discusses the importance of setting goals, the role of communication and teamwork, and the need for motivation, commitment, and accountability. Finally, she dispels the myth that we should expect to be perfect and stresses that both confidence and success are the result of preparation.

I found the book quite interesting. McBean breaks down goals into smaller manageable areas and I must say that I have already taken some ideas from the book and applied them to my own life. I particularly liked the section she wrote on changing goals, not for the same sport or objective, but from one goal to a completely different one and how to accept that change.

As a fan of rowing, I found all the background on training for rowing to prepare for the world championships and Olympics very interesting. As much as I took some of the advice out of the book and was able to apply it to what I do, I found her stories about rowing the most interesting.

I found it a quite good inspirational book.

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