Saturday 3 November 2012

The White Squirrel of Trinity Bellwoods park

Trinity Bellwoods is a beautiful park with quite a history and happily for us is right in our neighborhood. One thing it is well known for is its white squirrel. White squirrels are quite rare and yet here we have one right in our neighbourhood.

This one is quite elusive. Everyone knows it is there but it is rarely seen. In the 10 plus years I have lived in the neighborhood and visited the park with KC, I have never seen it. Teena has seen it a couple of times, the last time two years ago while walking KC.

And today, obviously, now I finally have seen him too! Like the other squirrels, he was quite busy gathering nuts and such for the winter. I think he is used to getting his picture taken as he wasn't bothered by us being there, aiming a camera at him. Guess he's (she's) used to being a star.

Hopefully we will see him again during a visit to KC's tree.

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