Saturday 3 November 2012

The Fall Colours of KC's Tree

Twice Teena and I have headed over to Trinity Bellwoods Park to see the how the leaves have changed on KC's tree. Where most of the other leaves in the park have changed, KC's tree had not.

The tree is a sugar maple and my guess is that that tree's leaves turn later in the autumn than others. I did a little research on this and could not find if that is true. I did discover though that the sugar maple was designated as Canada's national tree in 1965 and it is the leaf of the sugar maple which is displayed proudly on our national flag.

Today we headed over, afraid that after all the wind and rain of the past two weeks that we may have missed the leaves changing on the tree. KC's tree is very durable, though, and where most of the leaves of the other trees in the park have changed and fallen, now KC's tree stands out.

Here are some pictures. The first picture is one of the best pictures I have ever taken since the course.

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