Friday 15 June 2012

Travel Photography Course at Henry's

"Remember you are making a picture, not taking a picture."

Daniel our instructor tonight emphasized this quite often tonight during the Travel Photography workshop that Teena and I took tonight at Henry's School of Imaging. I never thought of it that way!

Join us in this inspiring Travel Photography course where we'll share with you plenty of practical & photographic advice that will change the way you shoot on future trips. Discover how thinking and shooting like a photojournalist will put new life into your images. Learn how to look at people and scenes differently to set them apart from standard snapshots. We'll also talk about how experts deal with the hundreds or thousands of images once they get back home.

There was so much covered tonight during our three hour workshop. Some things were great reminders for me of things I have learned before but have not remembered to practice, plus I learned some new tips and tricks. I love the idea of using a string attached to the camera and being anchored by your own foot to ensure camera steadiness when you can't use a tripod.

I also learned some more settings to use in certain situations, especially concerning the flash. I knew about flash filling where you use the flash in daylight conditions to erase shadows on a bright day but never knew that I could control the strength of my flash.


The course was not just how to shoot but also covered guidelines for shooting in strange countries and cultures, plus how to travel with your gear and situations to be wary of. When to try to blend in and when to act like a tourist ... when it looks like you might be in trouble for taking a picture, act like a tourist!

Teena and I are off to Newfoundland and Saint Pierre & Miquelon later this summer so this was a great course for us to take. It should also help with our everyday shots.

I am really glad I took this workshop.

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