Saturday 30 June 2012

Our Day in Stratford

Twice a year Teena and I head down to Stratford to spend a day and see a play.

Today we saw The War of 1812 at the Studio Theatre Annex, a new theater built at the back of the Avon Theater. It's a good day. The train leaves Toronto at 11am and picks us up in Stratford for the return trip home at 9 pm.

Today was a great sunny day. It was interesting to see the construction going on for Metrolinx as we pulled out of Toronto. Our play was at 2pm and we arrived at the station in Stratford around 1:15pm, which gives us plenty of time to get to the theatre.

Justin Bieber used to busk in front of this theater like the guy above. He now has a plaque in the sidewalk in front of the theater.

After the play, we headed over to Molly Bloom's for supper. In the past, we have found the food and service to be good. Today, it was a little different. The service was definitely off. Teena ordered a dark rum and Diet Coke and got a spiced rum. She liked it but pointed this out to our server, who didn't seem that interested. Then she ordered Garlic Bread Supreme but received just garlic bread with cheese. When she pointed this out the server just said "OK" and walked away. No apology, no taking it off the bill and as a result ... no tip.

I faired better. They had Beer Battered Cheese Curds to start. They were interesting but the cheese really disappears in this.

The Pesto Chicken Flat Bread was good and quite filling. Funny that after the server asked if we wanted any desert and we said no, she returned right away with the bill. maybe we wanted another drink. Not now. Time to go!
Afterwards we went for a long walk around along the Avon River. I always enjoy that walk and again it was a fabulous day for it.

 Our last stop is always the patio of the Dominion House. Drinks there are cheap and the service is good. Best is that it is a two minute walk to the train station. Good thing as the tonight the train was 20 minutes early. We know it will wait and leave on time but I always feel better being aboard in my seat. A half a Keith's had to be sacrificed.

As always, another great day in Stratford. I wouldn't want to stay for a full weekend but taking the train down and back the same day is great. I'm looking forward to The Pirates of Penzance in the fall.

And the moon saw us off!


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