Saturday 26 May 2012

Fat Bastard Burrito Co.

Teena and I love burritos.

So there was excitement and some trepidation when we discovered that Fat Bastard Burrito Co. was opening up just a 5 minute walk away from where we live. Excitement, as we love burritos. Trepidation as we love burritos and this may be too close!

This afternoon we ate there for the first time.

I love the menu selection. To be fair to the other places I have tried, I went with a simple chicken burrito. They had little, big and huge. I went middle of the road with the 'big".

They had the usual lineup of fillers. I was not sure of the hot sauce and to be truthful, hot stuff has been annoying my stomach, so I avoided it. I went with refried beans, rice, lettuce, green pepper, salsa and burrito sauce. It takes about 5 minutes for them to add the chicken and then grill the filled tortilla.

It is a very filling and very good burrito. Not excellent. Teena and I discussed this (burrito geeks for sure!) and there was something missing that would put it over the top. It was not hot sauce as this is an added pleasure but something. I put it down to bland rice. I have had burritos that have rocked it out of the park and mainly it is because every ingredient was top notch. The rice was bland and dragged this one down.

This does not mean this was a bad burrito. On the contrary, I enjoyed it. I am only speaking of one thing that could put this over the top. Overall, this was a good burrito and I will be back.

There are a few burritos I wish to try there. For instance, the Baja Chipotle Chicken sounds good, as does the Tequila Lime Chicken and the Sweet Chile Lime Chicken.

Oh, oh! I think this is dangerous!. A burrito place in our 'hood that not only I like but so does Teena.

But then think about it. What is a burrito? Vegetables, cheese and meat in a wrap. A long as you get the big, not the huge and have it for a meal, rather than a snack, it should be OK.

I also like that they have many vegetarian choices so we can take friends and family who do not eat meat!

This could work! Welcome to the neighborhood Fat Bastards!

And here is my burrito!

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