Saturday 26 May 2012

The Dog and Bear Pub, Queen St West

Teena and I live in the Queen Street West area, which has been know for year as a party area. We have the Drake, The Gladstone Hotel and a few other, very trendy places to party.

All we ever wanted was a pub. A place to go, chat, watch a game and maybe meet some interesting people. A go-to place in our neighbourhood where the servers, bartenders and staff come to know you. Since the Bungalow closed down a few years ago, we have not had that.

When we heard that the owners of the Social were turning their nightclub into a pub, we were excited. It was expected that the new pub was to be opened in November but it was not 'til last week that the new Dog and Bear had their soft opening.

I tried to find a link to their website but they do not yet have one and Teena's came up fifth. So here it is!

Let's get this out of the way right off. I like it ... I like it very much.

The decor made me feel at home right away. They do not have a patio but a table and some very comfortable chairs sit by the open window. Behind them are a couch and chairs. I like how they uncovered a window and a huge safe door and kept them in the design.

We sat at the bar to watch the Jays game. Sadly they lost in the 13th inning but it was fun to have Jays fans around. Kristin was our bartender and looked after us well. She was friendly, answered all our questions and never left us with an empty glass. My kind of bartender!

Sadly her shift ended and we were kind of left in the abyss. We were looked after if we caught the new bartender's eye, who had been there for the entire time but was working the other end of the bar. I will give them grace on this for two reasons. One, it is a soft opening where they are working out these sort of issues, and the second reason is that when we were looked after, the service was friendly and quick.

Welcome to the neighborhood, Dog and Bear! You may be our place!

Some pictures!

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