Monday 6 June 2011

Ring of Dreams

This evening Teena and I attended the first week of a workshop conducted by Yvette Raposo called Ring of Dreams.

"Using different writing, breathing and meditation techniques, we will explore WHAT it is you REALLY WANT and how it REALLY IS POSSIBLE! This session will be focused on developing your Well Formed Outcome. Observe how the power of your thoughts, ideas, hopes and dreams come alive on paper and simply unfold throughout your daily life! How much attention have you put into your intention lately? It's time now!"

I approached the workshop as a way to benefit my mental game towards fencing. Yvette's class combines journalling, meditation, a little yoga and visualization techniques. I have two books on sports psychology, The Mind Gym and 10 Minute Toughness that reinforce some of what was taught tonight.

Tonight we looked at goal setting and the path to reach it. It was all very interesting and enlightening. I went in hoping to find things to apply to my fencing but found that most of what I learned I will be able to apply to my everyday life.

It's definitely a worthwhile workshop and I'm looking forward to next week.

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