Wednesday 25 May 2011

Phillips Hoperation Tripel Cross Belgian IPA

You can almost hear the sirens as you pop the cap on this bomber. This IPA slams hop first into a classic Belgian yeast to create a superfortress of flavour.

This is what it says on the side of the label. I also like how the bomber on the label is dropping hops from the bomber.

I was quite excited when Teena unpacked this brew from her suitcase when she returned from her trip to B.C. with her sister, Sarah. I have had a 2 brews for Phillips before, the Phillips Amnesiac Double IPA and their Hop Circle IPA. I loved them both. Now I have one more to try!

It pours cloudy so it's definitely is unfiltered. It is amber in colour, a nice white head which dissipates slowly leaving behind lots of beautiful lacings. The aroma has nice floral hop notes.

OK, now I need to have a sip.

I have not been able to really determine what a Belgium IPA is. My only experience so far was with a Belgium beer, Urthel Hop-it. Sipping this one I have a better understanding. IPAs are bold with in-your-face hops. Belgium IPAs sneak up on you.

It starts with a nice hop bitterness, not overpowering. Then comes a bit of a yeasty taste before the hops again take over in the finish leaving a long pleasant bitter finish. The Hop-It was very much the same.

This is a very, very enjoyable beer. I would love to have more.

Another, what I perceive to a definition of a Belgium IPA, is it seems to be an excellent session beer, one you feel you could sit down and have 3 or 4 ... maybe 5. I found this with the Hop-it too. Problem is that it weighs in with a hefty 8% APV so really only one or two would do.

I have not yet had a beer from Phillips Brewing in B.C. that I have not loved.

And Teena brought home one more for me too. Can't wait!

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Teena in Toronto said...

So glad you enjoyed it ... too bad it's so hard to get more!