Wednesday 20 October 2010

Glenn Cochrane's "Toronto: Tales of the City"

From the Publisher:

Telling tales and unearthing a history you won't find in tourist guides, this humorous book focuses on the quirky characters of Toronto.

About the Author:

Glenn Cochrane was a reporter for Worldbeat and Nightbeat news from 1968 to 1993, covering local interest stories that captivated a city and its neighborhoods. He was named Beaches Citizen of the Year in 2002.

I found this book when I was doing a little research for my second Gord's Eye View of Toronto. It looked like an entertaining read so I decided to pick it up.

The book is basically a stroll through the different neighborhoods of Toronto, with a little history and entertaining stories thrown in. It is very light, but enjoyable reading, a little scattered in places and I finished it quickly.

The audience for this book is limited. I would recommend this to anyone who lives in or who has lived in Toronto. If you haven't, this book is definitely not for you.

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