Monday 26 July 2010

Celebrating Teena's Birthday - The Kajama

After we left the Shizen Spa, we walked down to Harbourfront for an hour and a half sail on the three masted schooner, the Kajama. We had wanted to do a dinner cruise but none of the cruise companies offer them, so we did the Kajama instead.

It is a tour we do a couple of times each summer. It is quite peaceful sailing the harbour. The crew is always friendly and there is a small bar aboard. Going out on a day, other than a holiday or weekend, is a bonus as there were only about twenty of us on deck.

The weather was beautiful. It was a fabulous day for a sail and we both loved it. Teena's blog post is here.

The Kajama coming into dock

Teena enjoying the sail.

The Toronto Police Marine Unit went racing by us with the siren and lights going. They passed by us on their return about 10 minutes later with a passenger wrapped in towels. Guess there was an incident.

The crew at work

Looking back at the city

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