Friday 4 June 2010

Tomato Tradition

When Teena and I first got married, she would go away for the May 24 weekend with her sister, Sarah, who lives in Halifax. Many times this was their only get together for the year.

I know nothing about tomatoes except I wish I liked them. People who do seem to be in their own piece of heaven every time they bite into a ripe, fresh tomato. So I figured that I would surprised her with some nice beefsteak plants when she arrived home from her first trip away.

Only they ended up being cherry tomatoes. What do I know about tomatoes! The sign lied! Worked out well, though, as she loved them. She said it was like going out and eating candy every morning when they were in season.

I was very successful in my choices every year and, although many of those choices ended up with different tomatoes than I though they would be, Teena loved them all. She wasn't just making me happy either as she had that "heaven face" every time she ate them.

This happened for the first few years. Then the last couple years she was home for May 24, as she and Sarah got together on different weekends. So we would go shopping for tomato plants together, which was fun, and brought home a variety, with limited success.

Teena is away in Vancouver this week and, as a result, I came home yesterday with a new type (for us) of tomato plant ... the hanging tomato plant.

Here it is. I am a little worried that some are already ripe but there are flowers on it meaning more to come, so hopefully she will have an entire season of fresh cherry tomatoes.

The tomato tradition continues where she goes away and comes home to a new tomato plant.

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Teena in Toronto said...

Looks amazing!

You rock :)