Friday 4 June 2010

17 in 17 Weeks- Week 2

I was not exactly on plan this week.

Usually on the eve of my weigh-in, I stay away from salt and have a very light but healthy meal. Last night I grabbed a big slice of pizza from Yummy pizza, which I ate while I did the grocery shopping. It did not quite do the trick. So once I was home and had every thing put away, ignored the high fibre black bean soup, ignored the Blue Menu portion controlled low fat burger and went for the always healthy Kraft Dinner.

KD. Comfort food which unfortunately not Weight Watcher friendly.

The message the WW website gave when I recorded my weight was "So, you gained a little bit this week. Is this what you expected?" Yep, I'm up 1.1 pounds, and expected to be.

It really is time to smarten up!

Weekly Exercise in Hours 7
Starting Weight 226.2
Weight Last Week 216.4
Weight This Week 217.5
Weight Loss This Week -Gain 1.1
Total Weight Loss 8.7
Total % Weight Loss 3.84%

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Teena in Toronto said...

Back on track next week!