Saturday 6 March 2010

26 by March 26 - An Up Week

Weekly Exercise in Hours - 11.25
Starting Weight - 226.2
Weight Last Week - 217.6
Weight This Week - 218
Weight Loss This Week - Gained .4 pound
Total Weight Loss - 8.2
Total % Weight Loss - 3.63%

This was an up week for me. No, not in the way that I am up and pumped about my weight-loss, but up in weight.

Of course Teena and I were out last Friday and hit a few spots and broke away from the program for the night. Thursday I was off work and was a little bad that night. It all contributes. Good news is that I was only up a very slight 4/10 of a pound.

This should be a good week for me, more on program. I need to be good today as tomorrow I have 2 fencing tournaments, so not as many of the Weight Watcher beer points will be burned.

It should be interesting to see how the weigh-in goes this Friday.

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