Saturday 27 February 2010

Cheering on Canada with a Propeller

As I have written before, Teena was in Halifax and brought me back some beer from Propeller and Garrison Breweries. I have written about Propeller in a previous post.

I wanted something purely Canadian to sip on while watching Jasey-Jay Anderson going for gold in the men's parallel giant slalom, the men's four man bobsleigh finals (surprisingly only in French on APTN) and Canada going for yet another gold in the team pursuit long track race.

Exciting day!

Exciting beer!

My first Propeller was their IPA. It poured amber and had a inviting fragrance. The taste was thoroughly enjoyable with a fabulous hoppy bite and long finish. I love IPAs and sure enjoyed this one. The bad thing is it is the only one I have. Would like to be able to get my hands on more.

Next up was the Propeller Pale Ale.

Another gold for Canada in the team pursuit! What an exciting race! We're racking up those gold medals, more than anyone!

Minutes later Jasey-Jay Anderson overcame an 8/10ths of a second disadvantage to take yet another Gold!

Now I'm watching the medal ceremonies (I love seeing gold around a Canadians neck) while have a Propeller Pale Ale. It is just a touch darker then the IPA and without the same hoppy bite. It has a nice, pleasant bitterness which is balanced well by the malt. It is a very nice beer.

Watching Canada win gold while sipping away on a couple of excellent East Coast ales. Great way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

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