Saturday 6 March 2010

More Ashtanga Yoga

Another Saturday, another Ashtanga yoga class.

I missed last week's class. I was just exhausted and slept in 'til 10:30 but this week I was there.

I find that the benefits of all the stretching we do in yoga class carries over to the next day or two. It's a good thing as I have two fencing tournaments tomorrow, Veteran Foil at 9 AM and Veteran Sabre at 2 PM. It should take me a lot less time to stretch out before and between tournaments and perhaps will increase the length and explosiveness of my attacks.

Yoga is helping me.

Ella, our instructor, will not be there next week as she is going to a yoga retreat. I wonder if all the yoga instructors get competitive and try to out "pose" each other. Now that would be a hoot to see.

By the way, the woman pictured is Bette Calman, who is 83 years old, and still teaches yoga classes 11 times a week. She has been doing yoga for more than 40 years. Looks like yoga helps!

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