Friday 26 February 2010

26 By March 26 - Weight Watchers Week

Weekly Exercise in Hours - 8.5
Starting Weight - 226.2
Weight Last Week - 219.4
Weight This Week - 217.6
Weight Loss This Week - 1.8
Total Weight Loss - 8.6
Total % Weight Loss - 3.80%

Looks like I lost 1.8 pounds this week, which is deceptive. I gained 8/10ths of a pound the week before. The long weekend wasn't kind to me.

I wanted to be able to start tracking my food and exercise. Teena uses FitDay for this but I found it a little cumbersome to use. A few years ago, I used Weight Watchers online which I found very easy to use to track food intake, booze and exercise. No meetings, just a very useful tool. So Sunday I rejoined again.

I like the results from my first week, losing the weight I had gained the week before and an additional pound. I won't have lost 26 pounds by March 26th as I originally had hoped but with Weight Watchers I expect to be well on the way to it.

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