Wednesday 23 December 2009

Grindhouse Burger bar

This post is from guest blogger, Teena, who is a great blogger and a great wife. Thanks for letting me use this, dear. Frankly, today I am too darn lazy to do a post of this on my own.

One note on the Brooklyn Brewery 's Black Chocolate Stout. It weighed in at 10% alcohol, so definitely is a sipping beer. Although it was quite delicious, there are other stouts that I find as good or better ...

Gord and I took a walk toward downtown this afternoon and stopped at the Grindhouse Burger Bar at King Street W/Peter for a late lunch.

It's only been open for a month or so. They've renovated it nicely.

Here's Gord having a Big Wheel.

Our lunch arrived. Gord ordered a bison burger and onion rings.

And I ordered a regular beef burger.

The buns are made with beer onsite. Yum!

It was interesting to note that all menu items are made in-house and are free of refined sugar and preservatives ... no diet pop because of the aspartame. All food is naturally raised and hormone-free. They even consult a holistic nutritionist!

Gord was excited when he heard they had Brooklyn Brewery's Black Chocolate Stout!

Here's me and our server, Christina. She took good care of us.

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