Saturday 14 November 2009

Beer of the Week - Nov 14 - Black Oak Oaktoberfest Organic

This week there was a lot of excitement on The Bar Towel website when Ken Woods, President of Black Oak Brewery, announced that he has come out with a brand new seasonal beer for fall called Black Oak Oaktoberfest Organic.

Ken stated, "We only made a half batch just to test the beer and see what people think."

It was shipped in kegs to only five bars in the city ... Beer Bistro, C'est What, The Embassy, Twisted Kilt and The Rhino. On Thursday, Ken announced that the beer was bottled, labeled and ready for sale. Being a limited production, only 40 cases were bottled and could only be purchased at the brewery.

Black Oak has a great reputation amongst craft beer drinkers and the comments rolled in from the beer geeks saying they were on the way. I am not a beer geek ... yet. But this morning Teena and I were in the car heading westbound on the QEW on our way to get some for myself before it sold out.

I have written about Black Oak before and love all their offerings, so had no reservations about buying a dozen of the Oaktoberfest without having tried a sip. I also walked out with a dozen Pale Ales which were bottled fresh from the tank just yesterday and six of the Summer Saison.

Did I mention I love this brewery?

And the Oaktoberfest? It is an unfiltered organic Oktoberfest beer using all German ingredients and pours a coppery colour with a good head which remains. After taking a few sips, I found the lacing stayed nicely on the sides of the glass.

There is a nice maltiness in the taste and a pleasant bitterness with a long lasting enjoyable finish. I quite enjoyed this and am glad I bought a dozen.

I also went over to The Rhino to try a pint from the keg. I found myself once again sipping on a very enjoyable pint.

Can hardly wait for next year when this is more readily available!

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