Wednesday 16 July 2008

Best beer bars, bar none

Our beer writer takes you on a summer cruise through the GTA's best chill spots.

Source: Toronto Star

When you write about beer, you tend to get people asking where to find a good place to pull up a bar stool and research the finer points of barley and hops.

Sometimes the question is in a polite email from a reader. Sometimes, it comes in the form of a tipsy shout across a noisy bar.

To all, here are my top picks for where to enjoy a good beer or three in the Greater Toronto Area.

Most of the places are in Toronto proper. That's not bias. The sad fact is that, for large swaths of the 905, good beer bars aren't part of local life. Some decent local pubs, sure, but nothing rising above the crowd.

And rising above the crowd is what these places do. Whether it's stocking a beer you can't get elsewhere, or the size of the beer list, or great food, these places each have something special going for them.

Read here his list of bars.

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Unknown said...

That’s a wonderful post! My uncle and aunty wanted to go to some good country to spend their summer vacation and I suggested Toronto and my uncle asked me quick about the top pubs in Toronto so I searched and gave a list to uncle. Let him come back and I will know what did he find best there.