Tuesday 29 December 2020

Recent Reviews of "Saving Tiberius" and "Defending the Inland Shores"

In the past month there have been two new reviews of Saving Tiberius on Amazon. The review in November said: This book will appeal to readers of crime fiction and cat lovers (like me!). It is written in third person perspective with the focus on wherever the action. I liked the writing style and it moved along at a fast pace. It's got a bit of everything ... suspense, romance, action and a cat! What more could you want?! As a head's up, there is violence and adult activity.

Here's the newest one from a couple of days ago: Saving Tiberius is a suspenseful, action-packed crime thriller, with a terrific romantic arc. The two main characters, Morgan and Paula, are a dynamic duo, and Tiberius is the feline star of the show! If you like cop dramas and cats, you'll love Saving Tiberius!

Wow! Thanks.

This week I also found a new review in the online magazine, Canadian Military History. It's a thorough, two page review. The full review is in the above link. Here are some highlights: What stands out most in Jones’s book is the author’s passion for his subject. His enthusiasm is evident on every page, as is his esteem for the regiment and the officers and men who served in it. 

His book is a true labour of love, one that seeks to honor the men who served loyally and fought bravely in the war. 

They saw combat in many of the key battles across the region … Jones concludes his coverage of each of these clashes by listing the names of each member of the regiment recorded as falling in combat, which stands as the ultimate testament of the service they performed.

It's great reading such positive reviews. 

Note: Saving Tiberius currently is listed incorrectly on Amazon. It shows incorrect pricing and it ships from the UK. They are, in fact in a Canadian warehouse. My publisher and I are working on having this corrected.

Saving Tiberius is available in print and as an e-book from Chapters/Indigo and as an e-book on the Apple App.

Defending the Inland Shores is available in print from Chapters/Indigo.

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