Thursday 5 December 2019

Another New Tattoo

This afternoon I went to Black Line Studio on King  Street W by Portland for a new tattoo. I was having this one done to honour my mom, who passed away recently, and my dad who passed away in 1971.

My mom was a huge bingo fan and player and she won the last time she played bingo before she passed away.  I decided to have her birth date, October 7, 1927, placed on a series of bingo balls. My father fought in WWII and I still have his dog tags, which I wanted incorporated into the design.

Lorena was my tattoo artist and did a great job with the design. I knew she would as she also did the tattoo on my arm in the spring.

The Black Line Studio reception area.

Lorena's office where the magic happens.

Her design.

Two hours later we (she) was done. Here we are together afterwards.

Chest tattoos are not the easiest to get. Lorena not only did a fabulous job on my ink but also made sure I was fine and comfortable while she worked. As she has ink of her own, she could sympathize with what I was feeling. I liked how she kept reminding me to breath as I have a tendency to hold my breath in these situations.

I look forward to having her do my next tattoo, which will be on my bicep, in January. She's a nice person and a great artist.

Thanks Lorena!

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Teena in Toronto said...

Looks awesome! What a great way to remember your parents :)