Thursday 24 May 2012

Nice One Nails, Liberty Village

I have an awful time doing my own toes, so instead I get pedicures done on a regular basis.

Nothing beats a spa massage but Teena and I only do them occasionally so I usually go to a quickie place which I refer to as a "toe and go". Beauty Line on King at Bathurst is on the way home so I go there quite often. There I get a quick pedicure for a cheap price and feel well looked after.

Today Teena and I went to the Nice One Nails in Liberty Village. That was a mistake.

We should have known when we walked in that it would not be a good experience. The receptionist snapped at us to write down our names. There was another girl behind the counter, picking through the receptionist's hair. That was weird and a bit gross.

We sat down in the massage chairs and my pedicurist (is that even a word?) started hacking at my toes. Two or three times she dragged the emery board across the top of my toes while buffing my nails. She also would jab the tools roughly on the inside of my nails. In fact, the inside of the nail on my big toe on my left foot is still sore. I was finally done with an ingrown nail on that toe and no doubt the way she treated it likely will bring it back.

I guess she was in a hurry and I inconvenienced her, as once she was done, out she went with some friends.

It is cash only. So I handed over the $58 it cost for 2 pedicures and a eyebrow waxing (Teena, not me) to the receptionist who was still having her hair picked through. The place is cheap enough but is very cold to their clients and unprofessional.

Teena's review is here. I definitely will not be back and won't even provide a link to this place.


Iris said...

OUCH! I hope you're okay! That sounds AWEFUL. Especially if you had an in-grown toe nail. I hope the next place you guys go together (or apart for that matter) does what they are supposed to do and PAMPERS YOU!

Anonymous said...

I know it's horrible here. It's probably only walk-ins that keeps this place going.

Anonymous said... one SPOKE English all the time I was there. No exchanging of pleasant hello's etc. No eye contact, no introductions...very cold impersonal environment. Would never go again! Notice the Nice So Hair that was beside them closed....nil customer service. Not acceptable as there are lots of places in the Village someone can go for way better service with a smile!