Saturday 13 January 2018

Monster Jam Toronto 2018

Tonight Teena and I went to see Monster Jam at the Rogers Centre. This is our third year going and it's always fun. There are three events that determine in the end an overall winner for the night.

Racing (Head -to-Head) - Competitors report to a starting line. On a green signal, the trucks head along a prescribed course to a finish line with first to legally complete the course advancing in competition. Winners will advance until two trucks remain with the finals determining the racing champion. Racing may be preceded by qualifying to establish brackets.

Two-Wheel Skills Challenge – Monster Jam drivers will have multiple opportunities to perform the best stunt, bringing at least two wheels into the air. This is a judged competition.

Freestyle – Competitors perform tricks and stunts throughout the floor area in a designated time. This is a judged competition.

First up was the racing.

And the winner was Son Uva Digger driven by Ryan Anderson.

Next up was the Two Wheel Challenge. Sometimes things go well, and then sometimes they don't.

More pictures from that event.

And the winner was Mad Scientist driven by Lee O'Donnell

The final and most fun event is the freestyle.

Many trucks broke including this one. Look at the front right wheel while in the air. it wasn't going to end well.

More shots of the event.

An attempted back flip that just didn't work out.

Three cars attempted the back flip. Two were successful including the winner Overkill Evolution driven by Mike Vaters  II.

And the overall champion of the night? Gas Monkey garage driven by B.J. Johnson.

It's was a another fun show and Teena and I will be sure to be back for next years show.

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