Saturday 22 April 2023

The Power of Crystals?

For most, maybe all of my life I have experienced vivid, in colour, horrible, terrifying nightmares. Many times over the years, Teena has had to wake me up when I begin making strange sounds, yelling or screaming in the night. Now, this doesn't mean I'm scared to go to bed at night. Quite the contrary as I really love curling under out nice warm blankets, where I fall to sleep almost immediately. 

It's around 2 or 3 when the horror begins. Me falling. Me trapped on the narrowest of ledges. (I am terrified of heights) Me being chased by a killer. Me being cornered by a killer and about to die. Also many about experiencing nuclear explosions or the end of the world, although it's been a few years since I've experienced any of those.

So, this year when the Yoga Show came to Toronto I ventured down with the goal about learning about crystals and how they might help stop or limit these from me waking up terrified or in a cold sweat. I will say it seemed most of the vendors seemed more interested in selling large, mounted, pretty stones than departing any knowledge they had of them.

I found one booth, though, where the woman really knew everything about them and I could tell was a believer in their power. It was Resha, the owner of Zen Rox. Not only did she have the usual collection of large mounted crystals, she also had some trays of smaller ones which would fit in you hand. When I explained my issues she was quick to show me the two above. Black Tourmaline and Pyrite.

Black Tourmaline

The premier stone of protection, Black Tourmaline is a grounding, protecting and calming stone. It not only absorbs negative energy but deflects it away. You can use it to reduce the frequency of nightmares and ease anxiety.

It clears away energy blockages while reducing the absorption of electromagnetic radiation from electronics leaving you a feeling safe, protected and well rested.


Not only is Pyrite an eye catching showpiece, but a strong protector, energizer of it's surroundings and an exceptional defensive shield against negative energies 

Resha explained how she and her daughter keeps them by her bedside. They also take a minute before climbing into bed to one one in each hand for a minute and they both sleep well. So, that's what I now do. I sit on the side of the bed and take 9 long, deep breaths while holding a crystal in each hand. Why 9? Because 3 always seems in history to be a magic number, so I take 3 sets of 3 deep breaths. Then I set them on the nightstand beside the bed and go to sleep.

I always try to keep an open mind on things. There is so much we don't understand about so much. The universe is full of secrets and perhaps, some of them are understood by a few. Not scientifically proven? Is it all nonsense? 

I can only say that after a week of using them, I have not had one single dream I would even consider to be bad. For me, that's a record. Am I experiencing a placebo effect? Perhaps, but I don't care. It appears to be working and it's my hope these two stones will continue to allow me nights full of peaceful slumber.  


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