Saturday 31 December 2016

A Visit to the Rebirth of Bar Volo - Birreria Volo

Bar Volo closed after 28 years of business on October 1, 2016. Just before closing, they launched Birreria Volo on College St. in Little Italy. For years they were known as the "go to" place for a great selection of craft beer and Teena and I decided to check out the new location.

The space is long and narrow. After looking around for awhile, it seems that at one time it was an alley between two buildings that was closed off and roofed. It is a unique space that I was was very comfortable in.

Yes, they still have the same great variety of beers on tap and each description has an accompanying letter in case one forgets which beer he has gone to the bar to order. As in the old place, patrons order and get their beer form the bar instead of there being table service.

When we arrived, there were a few people there but it was full when we left. Good to see.

They had an extensive selection of sour ales on tap, which I was quite in the mood for. Here is what I had (and all were excellent!)

I loved the place!. Everyone was upset when they had to close their Yonge St location but something good has come out of it. They are now so much closer to where we live and will be much easier to visit in the future as we will definitely be back!

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