Monday 7 March 2016

No Potato Salted Cod Cakes

I enjoy fish cakes but carbs drive up my glucose levels, which I am supposed to watch. I was determined to make a near carb-free version, and yes, I found a secret ingredient.

The ingredients I used were:

Salted Cod
Shallots - small dice
Clubhouse Lemon and Herb spice
Flour - I used pea flour
Canola Oil

and the secret ingredient?

Pork Rinds! I used a 70 gram bag which when ground, made up a cup.

First of all, soak the salted cod for 24 hours in cool water in the fridge. Change the water every hour for the first four hours, leave in the fridge overnight and change it one more time and let it sit for the day. Look at the salt that comes out with the first soaking.

Grind the cod but be careful. It only needs a short one second burst to shred it in a mixer. We have a Nutra Bullet.

Grind the pork rinds and add the spice, ground pork rinds, diced shallot with the fish and mix. Then add the eggs to bind the mix.

Make into patties

Add to hot oil in pan. Cook for two to three minutes per side. The will brown nicely (top picture).

I dredged a couple of patties in the pea flour and a couple I did not. I don't think the dredging is needed. They turned out quite tasty with a nice crunch on the outside.

They were a little dry inside. I'll have to work on that but tomorrow morning, I don't expect my glucose reading to be high like other times I have been out and had the potato filled version.  A sauce to dip them on the side will be nice. More research will be done on this.

Update: I had a couple cold for lunch today (the next day) with a home made tarter sauce of mayo, relish and lemon juice. It was delicious. I saw recipes that used mayo in the mixture before cooking. I might try that.

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