Tuesday 20 October 2015

Preview of La Traviata by the COC at First Canadian Place

I love working downtown. At lunch today, First Canadian Place put on a preview performance of La Traviata by the Canadian Opera Company (COC). I will say that I don't know what they are singing about but can see the emotion in their actions and their voices are beyond amazing.

Here is the first song of the performance.

After the first duet, tenor Andrew Haji was interviewed. He is in the last year of the COC Ensemble Studio program and explained the entire program. The funny part was when Andrew was asked what happens when he completes this year, he relied he goes on pogey. Ha!

Then he explained how performers get an agent and that the COC is so respected that they get jobs around the globe!

I only get a half hour for lunch and the performance started late so only had a chance to see the duet and Lindsay Barrett sing a solo.

Both performers did an amazing performance and I wish i could have stayed for the full show. Again, one of the great benefits of working downtown is to see a variety of performances at lunch all year long

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