Sunday 12 July 2015

Watching Canada Win Pan Am Double Gold in Rugby 7s

I love the picture above ... the Canadian woman and men's team posing together with their Gold Medals from this weekend's Pan Am Games Rugby 7s. The concept is simple. Seven players per side, seven minutes per half with a one minute break at half time.

Teena and I bought tickets for this evening's medal round yesterday and right after we bought, the website said the event was sold out. Over 18,000 people were in attendance. Talk about bang for your buck. We saw eleven games which included two bronze medal games and two gold medal games.

We arrived early as there was no reserved seating. You just bought general admission tickets for a section. Our seats were very good.

I'm just going to concentrate on the Canadian games. First up was the U.S. vs Canada in the men's semi finals. Winner goes to the gold medal game and the loser plays for bronze.

Of course, the Toronto crowd was pro-Canada!

Getting ready to go.

A toss in from the sidelines. I love how the players are lifted by team mates for extra height.

I can't find out who this player of ours is but he was knocked unconscious and was wheeled off the field with a neckbrace. I hope he is OK.

Canada went on top 12-0 in the first half but the U.S. scored late to cut the lead to 12-5 at the half. Then in the first three minutes and eleven seconds the U.S. put up another 14 points for a 19-12 lead. Hey! This was no longer being fun. A minute later, though, Canada scored to tie it up.

With seconds to go, Canada scored a converted try to take the win 24-19. It was a thriller!. Here Admir Cejvanovic gets congratulations from his team mate for the score. Wow!

Celebrating as they leave the field.

Canada and the U.S. were not finished playing each other as now it was the woman's gold medal match between, you guessed it, Canada and the U.S.

Our woman's team.

Opening kick off.

This was an easy and fun game to watch as after the U.S. took a 7-0 lead in the first two minutes, it was all Canada after that

The first half ended 26-7 with more to come.

Canada took the game with a 55-7 route of the U.S. They proudly displayed our flag as they took a victory lap around the field.

The final game of the night was Canada vs Argentina for the men's Gold Medal.

Of course, the crowd was excited and Canada flags were everywhere.

Our men's team.

This would prove to be another nail biter. Canada found itself down 12-0 but managed to score seconds before the half ended to cut the lead to 12-7

They huddled up at the break.

Canada tied it up 15 seconds into the second half, only to find themselves down 19-12 after four minutes. Here is Phil Mack scoring a try for Canada. The two point conversion was missed though as the kicker has to kick in a direct line from where the try (goal or TD) was made.

The hero of the game for Canada was Harry Jones, who ran the ball down near the goal and was grabbed by two men about three metres out but kept his feet going and scored with just seventeen seconds to go in the game. Another last second win for the Canadian men's team and another gold for Canada!

Both teams were congratulated for their medals by their woman's team.

The men pose after their victory lap.

The medal presentations.

The woman were up first.

Then came the men.

Then both teams posed together.

It was a very fun evening. I am really happy we went. We even got to sin Oh Canada four times, before each gold medal game and after each gold medal presentation.

I'm looking forward to more events.


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